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byte swap layer capability - was: byteOrder bigEndian with bitOrder leastSignificantBitFirst combination


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      The SISO-J data format requires the 4th combination of byteOrder and bitOrder which DFDL v1.0 currently disallows. DFDL workgroup discussions suggest this restriction will just be lifted.

      This is a good feature for someone new to Daffodil to implement.

      This format, which is a envelope format for an envelope-and-payload style of data, describes data as bigEndian, but LSBF.


      Thanks to Marshall Miller of Quark Security for this insight. This item extracted from the dev@daffodil.apache.org mailing list.

      One can workaround this problem in Daffodil by way of dfdl:inputValueCalc/dfdl:outputValueCalc and hidden groups. But that is, perhaps, unsatisfying.


      Data is comprised of 3 unsigned integer bitfields:
      slot1 is 12 bits
      slot2 is 32 bits
      slot3 is 20 bits

      Given an input with the following bytes in hex:
      01 23 45 67 89 AB CD EF

      Parsed results need to be (in hex):
      slot1: 0567
      slot2: DEF01234
      slot3: 089ABC

      Explanation of results:

      Since the bit fields need to consume data in a leastSignificantBitFirst
      order, it is easier to represent the input in right-to-left order
      where bits are consumed starting at the right and moving toward the
      left. Since words are 4 bytes, and in big endian order, the lowest
      bit in the 4th byte is the first bit to be consumed. Reordering the
      input data and consuming data from right to left yields the correct
      field boundaries.

      89 AB CD EF 01 23 45 67 parse fields right to left
      05 06 07 08 01 02 03 04 input byte position

      slot1 consumes the right 3 nibbles, slot2 consumes the next 8 nibbles,
      and slot3 consumes the left 5 nibbles.




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