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[daemon] Procrun 2 reserves semicolon; PATH spec fails on XP

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    • Operating System: Windows XP
      Platform: PC

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      I am using the NT service setup that ships with Tomcat 5.5.4. It is using
      ProcRun 2.0 (as far as the log messages indicate). I am trying to set an
      environment variable using --Environment syntax. However, I am thwarted when
      my environment variable has an embedded semicolon – specifically I really
      need to set the PATH environment variable on Windows. Since semicolon is the
      path separator only the first element on my PATH setting is honored (the
      settings made in the registry show that). Tomcat crashes hard in this case
      since SYSTEM32 has been dropped from the PATH.

      What I need is a near term workaround/suggestion, perhaps as:

      (1) Is there a way to specify an alternate field separator than semicolon?
      (2) Is there a way that I can augment the PATH environment one folder at a
      time such that I can prepend to existing PATH?
      (3) Is there as escape sequence that lets me bypass special processing for
      semicolon and hashmark (the other separator character).

      Note I observe the same problem when I try to set the --Jvm option for -
      Djava.library.path with a semicolon-separated list. Bottom line: semicolon is
      not a suitable reserved character in a windows environment.

      Although I did not raise the severity of this bug, it is blocking for me now
      since some of my nested DLLs need to be resolved in tomcat and I cannot change
      the PATH variable for the entire machine.

      Thanks for any workaround suggestions. I appreciate the service wrapper, but
      this one glitch has been unfortunate.

      Ken Gartner



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