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Facing WSDL end point URL cache issue in CXF (2.7.7 as well as in 3.1.0)



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      We are facing an issue while using CXF framework in our application, where CXF is caching the webservice wsdl end point URL . Provided more details below with version details,

      We are using spring based web application which uses maven build. To connect to the OSB services, we are using CXF framework to generate services java-schema jar. Actual issue is happening in clustered & PROD-BCP environment.

      Lets say, we have deployed our application into 2 different set of servers, ex. PROD and BCP. Same code base and all configurations are same on both the servers.

      1. Our application is live in PROD servers and the equivalent prod OSB servers url is prodosb.com
      2. From our prod web application if i invoke PROD OSB service (prodosb.com), which use prodosb.com and it works fine.
      3. Now, we are rolling our application to BCP environment
      4. After moving to BCP servers (web app & OSB in bcposb.com), if we invoke the services from our BCP web application, its going to prodosb.com instead of bcposb.com.
      5. If we bounce the web application instance, then its working fine and all the requests goes to specific servers where are active. But we are not supposed to bounce the web application servers, since our application should be live 24/7.

      We see that the application is caching the service end point and using the same for further requests.

      I have gone through below JIRA tickets & forums, and decided to migrated to newer version 3.1.0, but still facing the same issue.

      Can you please help me to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.

      Version Details:
      Spring - 3.2.2.RELEASE
      Maven - 3.1 (pom - 4.0.0)
      CXF - 3.1.0

      Earlier we were using CXF 2.7.7 and thought this would be fixed in latest version and migrated to 3.1.0, but no use.
      We are using maven build to generate the CXF jar, attached the pom.xml for the same.


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