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Axis2 client's array not compatible with Apache CXF Aegis Databinding



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      I am migrating service developed in Axis2 to Apache CXF. New service developed in apache cxf works but I am facing some problems to make it compatible with my older axis2 client.

      I am trying to consume Apache CXF service with Aegis Data Binding through a Axis2 client. Aegis Data binding adds additional wrapper to arrays(ArrayOfCustomObject), if provided as a input parameter or required to be as output of service call. So there is difference in WSDL generated in case of Apache CXF and Axis2.

      Problem Faced: If I am calling a service method which takes an array of custom class object as input parameter(lets say custom class have two properties), then at server side it creates two different custom class object(initializing properties to be null) even if the input array contains single custom class object.

      What I think is that my service is not able to unmarshall the request in correct way. Is there any way through which we can configure service to except this array in correct way and additional wrapper i.e. ArrayOfCustomObject is not created in WSDL?

      Any help solving this problem will be highly appreciated.

      Regards, Puneet.




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