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Schema parser cannot resolve relative import locations (case of multiple imports).



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0-M1
    • Fix Version/s: 2.0-M1
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      I have a test case that uses a set of WSDLs and schemas with multiple imports using relative URIs.

      ie: A.wsdl imports B.xsd that imports C.xsd, all are located in the same directory.

      In A.wsdl:
      <xsd:import namespace="http://foo" schemaLocation="./B.xsd"/>

      In B.xsd:
      <xsd:import namespace="http://foo/bar" schemaLocation="./C.xsd"/>

      Code generation works fine, however I have a problem at runtime where the server fails to initialize with the following exception:

      java.lang.RuntimeException: org.apache.ws.commons.schema.XmlSchemaException:
      /[my project path]/C.xsd (No such file or directory)

      The problem is that the URI for importing C.xsd is incorrectly determined.

      In the example above, C.xsd would actually be located in
      /[my project path]/target/test/wsdl/C.xsd

      I see the following behavior in org.apache.cxf.resource.URIResolver:

      For A imports B, we create a URIResolver with the following parameters:
      baseUriStr = "file:[path to A]/A.wsdl" (correct)
      uriStr = "./B.xsd"

      Then tryFileSystem(baseUriStr, uriStr) is invoked and B.xsd is correctly resolved.

      Now for B import C, we create a URIResolver with the following parameters:
      baseUriStr = "./B.xsd"
      uriStr = "./C.xsd"

      The value for the base URI being set to a relative path, we fail to resolve C.xsd.
      tryFileSystem ends up calling tryClasspath("./C.xsd"), which in turn calls tryRemote(), which aborts on a MalformedURLException.

      I get the same problem when using relative URIs to import schemas from different directories.


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