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Generated Javascript does not handle simultaneous soap requests correctly



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: 2.1.2
    • Component/s: JavaScript Client
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      linux64 ubuntu firefox 3.0

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      I use the js client code as dynamically provided by cxf. My js client, which is modeled after the helloworld example, generates two soap requests. The second request is issued before the first has completed. What happens is that the response to the first request gets handled by the response handler of the second request. this is my code (I have added an additional "sayIt" to demo the issue)
      function saySomething(formObj)
      saveText = formObj.textField.value;
      formObj.textField.value = "";
      if (userId == null || userId.length < 20)

      { register(userId); sayIt(userId, "hi"); }


      { sayIt(userId, saveText); }


      The response to the "register(userid)" is handled by the response function for the SayIt function. I have solved the problem in my code by making the sayIt wait until the responst to the register has been processed.

      What I think that happens is the following. The cxf js code sets the response functions in function soap__say_op:
      this._onsuccess = successCallback;
      this._onerror = errorCallback;
      When a response comes in, the onsuccess or onerror function is used that has last been set. What should happen is that the name of the response function is taken from the xml response, xmlresponse.firstchild.firstchild.firstchild.localname. There is a function org_apache_cxf_deserialize_anyType that does seem to take the tag name from the xml, but this is not used in the response handling that I have seen.

      My js client runs in FireFox 3.0 on Ubuntu linux 64 bits. I have tested on IE7 on Windows XP with the same results. I use cxf 2.1.1.




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