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use exported functions when registering for config changes / db updates to allow hot upgrading


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      This is a common idiom in our current codebase:

      couch_config:register(fun("couchdb", "os_process_timeout", NewTimeout) ->
      couch_os_process:set_timeout(Pid, list_to_integer(NewTimeout))

      It proves problematic for hot code upgrades. The issue is that the anonymous fun is held by the couch_config process but belongs to the module in which it is defined (here, couch_external_server.erl). If an expert user loads a new version of couch_external_server, the anonymous fun will belong to the 'old' version of the module. If she upgrades the module again, couch_config will be killed. That's no good.

      The solution is to export the function that handles the configuration change or db update event. For instance

      couch_config:register(fun ?MODULE:config_change/3),
      config_change("couchdb", "os_process_timeout", NewTimeout) ->
      couch_os_process:set_timeout(Pid, list_to_integer(NewTimeout)).

      I have a patch for this that we've been using for some time in Cloudant, just need to clean it up and apply it to trunk.


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