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We would like the ability for views to index "losing" versions when conflicts occur



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      As described in 4.4.6. View map functions, if we locally write data, but then a conflicting version of the same document comes from another node and CouchDB proclaims that version to win, the one originally written, including its specific data, will temporarily disappear from views until the conflict is resolved.

      This is problematic when we assign "aliases" to documents, like a shorter nickname: we sucessfully given the client who requested it a shorter nickname, but then when he makes a request giving only his nickname, we may no longer recognize him.

      We would like views to be able to process all versions in conflict in case of conflict. Of course, there would have to be a flag indicating the document currently processed is a losing conflict; also, this behavior would be opt-in so that existing views would only process winning documents, as they expect. The view would then be responsible for managing the fact it has data from two versions of the same document.

      Note that resolving conflicts upon reads does not help this situation: as far as views are concerned, the window still exists.




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