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Docs front page has holes, link to TOC is obscure



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      This came up on IRC tonight:

      02:36 < KB5> Okay, I can see why docs have holes in them and why the security
                   concept is obscure. The problem is that table of contents is not
                   visible on the docs page. On the docs page there are four main
                   subjects, with various number of sub-topics under them. If you
                   click on those and pay attention to subject numbering, you notice
                   that they jump around. You don't actually get table of contents
                   unless you click "Table of Contents" after opening one of the sub-topics.
      02:37 < KB5> Basically, full docs are hidden from the casual viewer and this is
                   something that should be corrected. It should be made clear that
                   the subjects presented on the docs page is not full table of
                   contents and actual link to table of contents should be more

      I agree, this is something we should improve.

      We started out highlighting specific topics on the home page but it's not possible to find everything this way. Either we explicitly call out the top level page's listings as "promoted sections," we convert the home page to a full TOC, we promote the TOC link at the top of the home page, or some combination of the above three.

      Other ideas welcome, if no one posts anything in a week or so I'll try my hand at a new top level page myself.




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