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Finish move of the wiki documentation; clean up references in docs.couchdb.org



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      It occurs to me that as a new inductee into the project I'm in a privileged position to update and restructure the documentation as I take the project in, and it would probably be a better first task than to go after individual bugs.

      This is how I'd go about working on restructuring the documentation:

      • move the old wiki content to confluence and 301 all wiki.apache.org pages to the new wiki. No new content added.
      • track all links and references to old wiki in docs.couchdb.org, and rewrite them to point at new wiki. Still no new content added.
      • then I would start triaging documentation bugs. There are many tasks that are better done by a newcomer, since we need to follow the documentation or be confused by it.

      This is what I'd need:

      • To be added to the confluence wiki contributors list (username: candeira)
      • To be added to the old wiki contributors list (username: JavierCandeira)
      • Optionally, to have a test confluence wiki so I can test migrating the old one to the new one via scripts without making public changes until bugs have been ironed out.




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