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Reorganize/improve docs articles



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      Documentation articles need to reorganize to let them easily answer on newbie questions who never seen CouchDB before in logical order they raised. For example:

      1. What is CouchDB?
      2. How to install it?
      3. How to configure it?
      4. How to administrate it? [1]
      4.1 Setup users
      4.2 Security features
      4.x etc.
      5. How to manage it? Basic API overview.
      6. What features it has?
      6.1 Changes feed
      6.2 CORs
      6.3 Externals
      6.x etc. for features that may be described in single page.
      7. Replications
      7.x what it is, how it works, how to use it etc.
      8. More about couchapps [2]
      8.x what it is, how it works, how to use it etc.
      9. Extending CouchDB
      10. Complete Guide to CouchDB HTTP API
      11. Some input on CouchDB internals
      12. Troubleshooting, common problems and their solutions
      13. Some glossary of common terms to easily understand by new users
      14. Release notes and changes history to track features.

      and so on. For sure, some points need to be more detail like
      Replication: there are two ways to start data replication; conflicts and their solution; common practises for them and so forth.

      As the inspiration source the PostgreSQL docs was used:

      [1]: I believe, that better to guide users to use Futon for the first steps instead of fighting with curl on CLI.
      [2]: Should docs promote tools like erica, kanso and other popular ones that are still been recommended on mailing lists/IRC? Question may also stands as "how much batteries to include?".
      [3]: GeoCouch, Lucene, OX_Auth, etc. and how to write your own. Same question about promotion of third party tools. On one hand they are third party, but on other they are not so much to stay aside and raising initial interest to them may provoke to create more of them.




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