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Replicator does not close Socket in pull from HTTPS source



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      When replicating using pull replication from an HTTPS-CouchDB source, the client socket does not go away, but stays in CLOSE_WAIT forever, This will crash the whole CouchDB server, as it will run out of file descriptors.

      This did not happen with CouchDB 1.1.

      I experimented with changing the socket options for the replicator client, though no luck. The only change i saw was then running with keepalive (which was the default), also the server side (pull peer) leaks a connection. Now i am running with socket_options = [

      {keepalive, false}


      {send_timeout, 10000}


      {send_timeout_close, true}

      which does not change a thing other than on the client side is leaking connections.

      To test this, you need the PID of the couchdb's beam process (ps aux |grep beam)
      Then you list all the open files of this PID with "lsof -p $PID"
      First you will see the pull connections beeing in ESTABLISHED state for a wile (even when the replication itself is long finished), Then at some point it switches to CLOSE_WAIT. The client side socket needs to be closed by the replicator to go away and release the resources (eg. file pointer).




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