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support load of external erlang modules in couchdb.


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      If you want to add external modules in CouchDB and load them , you need to set the ERL_FLAGS environnement variable to the path of a module.

      The attached patch allows couchdb to load plugins from plugin key in couchdb section. It add needed path to the code path, so the vm can find modules.

      plugins = plugin1, plugin2

      Each plugin can have its own section where it set the binaries patch, eventually if a service need to be added to the supervision you can set the module and function to load like in daemon section and tel if it's a supervisor or simple service.

      It also allows couchdb to load a plugin service (gen_server or such) to the supervision. You can choose if the service is a simple daemon or a supervisor.

      code_path = /path/to/plugin1/ebin
      daemon =

      {module, function, [Args]}

      supervisor = false

      Let me know what you think about it. This patch is really useful here and allows me to dynamically load modules I want. Also it eases the integration of external module. For ex I can load my couchapp_ng modules with this lines in local.ini :

      plugins = couchapp-ng

      daemon =

      {couchapp_ng_routes, start_link, []}

      _app =

      {couchapp_ng_httpd, handle_app_req}

      rewrite =

      {couchapp_ng_handlers, rewrite_handler}

      proxy =

      {couchapp_ng_handlers, proxy_handler}

      and can do the same with geocouch etc. Tested here with these modules.


        1. couchdb-plugins-02.patch
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          Benoit Chesneau
        2. couchdb-plugins-01.patch
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        3. couchdb-plugins-005.patch
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        4. couchdb-plugins-004.patch
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        5. couchdb-plugins-003.patch
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