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      "When you configure a job to use a Solr-type output connection, the Solr connection type provides a tab called "Field Mapping". The purpose of this tab is to allow you to map metadata fields as fetched by the job's connection type to fields that Solr is set up to receive. This is necessary because the names of the metadata items are often determined by the repository, with no alignment to fields defined in the Solr schema. You may also suppress specific metadata items from being sent to the index using this tab.
      Add a new mapping by filling in the "source" with the name of the metadata item from the repository, and "target" as the name of the output field in Solr, and click the "Add" button. Leaving the "target" field blank will result in all metadata items of that name not being sent to Solr."

      In my opinion we should change the way a metadata field is suppressed.
      The most natural way is that we express only the mappings of the metadata fields we want to keep.
      All the missing params will not be sent to Solr.

      The improvement will be :

      • same interface with a boolean flag in addition, this flag will specify if the missing metadata fields not expressed should be sent to Solr with the original names or not sent at all.

      In this way if we want to keep 3/100 metadata fields, we don't have to write 100 mapping entries , 97 empty but simply 3 entries and activate the flag.


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