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Erratic handling of Sharepoint 2010 _ModerationStatus metadata




      The ManifoldCF Sharepoint 2010 connector handles the Approval Status metadata inconsistently. In some cases it does not provide access to Approval Status at all.

      On /mcf-crawler-ui/execute.jsp#metapathwidget :

      • The field name appears in the drop down list as "Approval Status" when adding a new rule.
      • The field name is NOT available in the drop down list for top level sites.
      • The field name is listed as "_ModerationStatus" for existing rules.

      With connector debug turned on, the ManifoldCF logs show the field coming from Sharepoint as "ows__ModerationStatus". This is consistent across all pages, even when the the field is not added to the metadata rules.

      When sent to Solr, it appears in one of these 4 forms:

      • "ows__ModerationStatus"
      • "_ModerationStatus"
      • "_moderationstatus"
      • In some cases it does not get passed at all.

      This issue is most troublesome when this field is not displayed for creating new metadata rules. It appears it is only available when creating rules for pages in low level sites. Example paths:

      • /abc - does not work for top level sharepoint sites
      • /abc/xyz - works but passes name inconsistently;


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