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      Some time ago I created a contribution for jconfig which completed the work described here: http://www.jconfig.org/ConfigurationInheritance.html

      Jconfig seems however to be no longer maintained and I never found a home for the code.

      Basically jconfig would allow for a -D option to be specified in the JVM which would allow an application to decide which xml config file to start with per environment and at that point inheritance would take over. In each config file it supported a 2 level hierarchical structure. Therefore you can group certain properties into categories. There is one default category called "general".

      so how it would work is as follows:
      you ask for property "myapplication:theproperty" first it would look in the first config file pointed to from the -D option and see if a category "myapplication" and a property within "theproperty" was defined.. If not it would follow the extends xml config to determine the same for that category and property and so on and so forth.. In addition if after looking specifically for the category property combination it is not resolved then it would look for the same property in the general category once again starting with the first config and following the extends.

      In addition if a property value contained a place holder i:e ${mycategory2:myproperty2} it would resolve that using the same hierarchical procedure before returning that value in the config.

      The usecase here of this in practice is as follows...

      On the app server classpath we maintained a config xml file that contained the general category for storing properties that were specific to environment vs application.
      This xml config would extend app config file in the application itself

      the app config file in the application has a category that was specific to the application i.e: myapplication and properties that were application specific
      this file then extended another library config file which kept default properties that were specific to frameworks in the general category

      so hence properties for app, framework or libraries can be defined or overridden at any level. In the environment, in the application or in the global library configuration

      It lead to great flexibility..

      Is there anything quite like this is Commons Configuration and if not how likely would you be to work with me to get the code I have based on jconfig to port to this solution?




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