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[compress] add a memory efficient stream compress InputStream - e.g. a "DeflaterInputStream"


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      Assume from a struts-tomcate web-app I get a large file that I want to store in
      a DB. To save DB permanent storage, I want to compress this. To be portable, I
      rather want to do that in java than on the DB-side with some proprietary commands.

      In order not to have to load into the RAM at least the entire compressed output
      by e.g. creating a ByteArrayOutputStream with for example or and then
      converting it back to an InputStream for the PreparedStatement
      stmt.setBinaryStream(int pos,
      InputStream stream, int length), I envision an InputStream converter that is
      memory efficient.

      I started implementing it myself and got it working at least for
      single-byte reads. But it is far from production-readiness - perhaps I should
      rather extend than trying to do my own efficient
      buffer management and do all the synchronize() blocking etc.
      ==> shouldn't something go into

      There are certainly other applications for such a class.

      P.S.: Alternatively, there is a "OutputStream java.sql.Blob.setBinaryStream(long
      pos)" but for example in MySQL that "updatable BLOB that can update in-place" is
      not yet implemented. Doing proprietary SQL-"COMPRESS" as per is probably an even less
      preferrable option.


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        see also COM-2359 and COM-2360

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        Should be exactly was trunk provides.

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