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Add remeber-me feature in cocoon-shiro module


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      cocoon-shiro module should provide feature to remember authenticating user.

      A remembered identity gives the system an idea who that person probably is, but in reality, has no way of guaranteeing the remembered identity really is that user.

      According to shiro docs: Shiro follows same paradigm as all over the web. for eg: When you visit and perform a login and ask it to 'remember me', it will set a cookie with your identity. If you don't log out and your session expires, and you come back, say the next day, Amazon still knows who you probably are: you still see all of your book and movie recommendations and similar user-specific features since these are based on your (remembered) user id.

      Some facts worth remembering about Shiro's remember me feature:
       if in filter chain definitons we set:
       /myurl=authc > User has to authenticate no matter user had enabled remember-me in previous session.
       /myurl=roles[USER] > User will be granted access if user had enabled remember-me in previous session(Assuming USER role has been assigned to requesting user).

      Now, when writing your own webapp, whether you use the authc filter or simply depend on if the user is remembered is entirely up to you.
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