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Improvements for Managed Storage



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    • KVM, vSphere, and XenServer


      Allowed zone-wide primary storage based on a custom plug-in to be added via the GUI in a KVM-only environment (previously this only worked for XenServer and VMware)

      Added support for root disks on managed storage with KVM

      Added support for volume snapshots with managed storage on KVM

      Enabled creating a template directly from a volume (i.e. without having to go through a volume snapshot) on KVM with managed storage

      Only allowed the resizing of a volume for managed storage on KVM if the volume in question is either not attached to a VM or is attached to a VM in the Stopped state

      Included support for Reinstall VM on KVM with managed storage

      Enabled offline migration on KVM from non-managed storage to managed storage and vice versa

      Included support for online storage migration on KVM with managed storage (NFS and Ceph to managed storage)

      Added support to download (extract) a managed-storage volume to a QCOW2 file

      When uploading a file from outside of CloudStack to CloudStack, set the min and max IOPS, if applicable.

      Included support for the KVM auto-convergence feature

      The compression flag was actually added in version 1.0.3 (1000003) as opposed to version 1.3.0 (1003000) (changed this to reflect the correct version)

      On KVM when using iSCSI-based managed storage, if the user shuts a VM down from the guest OS (as opposed to doing so from CloudStack), we need to pass to the KVM agent a list of applicable iSCSI volumes that need to be disconnected.

      Added a new Global Setting: kvm.storage.live.migration.wait

      For XenServer, added a check to enforce that only volumes from zone-wide managed storage can be storage motioned from a host in one cluster to a host in another cluster (cannot do so at the time being with volumes from cluster-scoped managed storage)

      Don’t allow Storage XenMotion on a VM that has any managed-storage volume with one or more snapshots.

      Enabled for managed storage with VMware: Template caching, create snapshot, delete snapshot, create volume from snapshot, and create template from snapshot

      Added an SIOC API plug-in to support VMware SIOC

      When starting a VM that uses managed storage in a cluster other than the one it last was running in, we need to remove the reference to the iSCSI volume from the original cluster.

      Added the ability to revert a volume to a snapshot

      Enabled cluster-scoped managed storage

      Added support for VMware dynamic discovery


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