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CS Migration wizard for existing VMs in vCenter Cluster or host



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    • VMware vCenter 5.X , ESXi 5.X Hosts, Cloudstack 4.X


      The existing migration method for existing VMware VMs is not realistic. Currently existing VMs on a VMware host require exporting as an OVF/OVA, then importing into Cloudstack as a template, then deploying within CS again. This method is also unstable as many migrations fail with a BSoD or Kernal Panic.

      If this is the only way to migrate then Cloudstack is going to have a big problem trying to get people with medium to large existing infrastructures to switch over to Cloudstack.

      I would like to request a feature/method that would allow for a streamlined migration process. I believe this will increase adoption by small, medium and Enterprise class businesses tremendously.

      I would like to see Cloudstack, through a GUI Based wizard (prefered) or at least CLI/API scripting process which can look at attached vCenter cluster or host for existing VMs and perform the following.

      1. Lists Existing VMs on a Cloudstack attached vCenter cluster or host.

      2. Allow admin to select the VMs they want to migrate into cloudstack zone and assign each vm to a user or group account in Cloudstack.
      -Click migrate button

      Two possible processes below
      3.a A process starts to snapshot the existing server, renames and copies the VM files to Cloudstack format and places in CS primary storage. Continue to #4
      3.b A process starts that initiates Storage vMotion on the existing server, renames the VM files to Cloustack format and places in CS primary storage.(Could be live migration option?) Continue to #4

      4. Cloudstack then updates its database to reflect the new inventory.

      I am sure my process is missing a bunch of things, but in general this should be possible I think. We should also develop the same feature for other CS supported hypervisors as well.
      I wish I was a programmer so I could help with this.

      Thank you very much!




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