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Support Multiple SSH Keys for VMs



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      To provide easy access to VMs without the need for password-based authentication, Cloudstack provides users with the ability to set or reset an SSH key for their VMs. These SSH keys can either be uploaded to, or generated by cloudstack.
      As of now, it is limited to just a single SSH key. This requires the key to be shared amongst users with access to the VM and can be quite cumbersome when there are several VMs (perhaps across different projects), each with a different SSH key. It can also cause issues when a user is removed and the key needs to be reset since it's a common key, and shared to the remaining users all over again.

      This feature proposes extending the functionality to allow multiple SSH keys to be set / reset on a VM. This will allow users to add their own personal SSH key to the VM, thereby allowing them to directly access the VM without the need to manage multiple shared keys. New users can add their own keys to the list and access the VM instantly. It also solves the problem when a user is removed as their key can be removed from the list, thereby revoking their access without the need for a new key to be regenerated and shared.

      It proposes the following changes :

      1. Modify the API to accept multiple SSH keys
      2. Change the service layer that handles the request
      3. Alter the database accordingly
      4. Update the UI to align with the new API

      It requires the following relevant skills :

      • Java (basic)
      • SQL (basic)
      • Javascript (basic)
      • VueJS (Learning on the fly)

      Further details can be found here





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