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      Add a Bindable annotation to Click to provide an alternative to the public field auto binding facility.


      Re-examining this feature like it and I hate it at the same time. Why I like it, is because its quick to declare a public field/control in your Page class, and it will appear in your template. However after maintaining some large Click applications, this quick little hack can become a real problem. It is often not obvious when reading source code as to what is happening with all the autobinding black magic being performed. For instance you could have a public String field which is being autobound with a request parameter, or maybe its just used to display something in the template, and controls can also be auto bound, which can become very confusing if you have a HiddenField which is a public variable but is also added to a Form. If I had my time again I would not have included this feature with Java 1.4, its simply too much black magic and it has burnt me plenty of times.

      Now Java 1.5 provides the opportunity to clean up this mess by adding annotations to Page fields and properties."


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