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Apache Open Climate Workbench


Component Lead Description
analysis goodale@apache.org Cameron Goodale analysis toolkit
build process joyce@apache.org Michael Joyce building the system
command line interface boustani Maziyar Boustani The text/cli or menu driven example code for using the OCW APIs
conda agoodman Alex Goodman
data sources boustani Maziyar Boustani Code dealing with data either remote or local
documentation pramirez Paul Ramirez Any documentation related work. Creating new docs, or fixing existing docs
easy-ocw The easy-ocw module
general general project issues
mcc search MCC Search API
metrics huikyole Huikyo Lee computational of model to remote sensing data metrics
obs4MIPs Convert observation data to CMIP5
regridding/data processing goodale@apache.org Cameron Goodale Data processing work like spatial and temporal regridding
tests all unit and integration tests
visualization agoodman Alex Goodman NCAR NCL viz and other viz
webapp joyce@apache.org Michael Joyce Web application for running evaluations
website Open Climate Workbench Website Related work