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CLI cant parse ANT option set as claimed in official usage guide



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.0
    • Fix Version/s: 1.1
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      In the main usage guide to the CLI tool, it goes through a long example of how
      to create the rules to parse the option set of ANT. Unfortunately:

      1. If you follow the instructions given, the resultant parser with not be able
      to parse the option set example given in the docs. The docs are simply wrong
      and could not have been validated.

      2. No matter what you do, the CLI software is too inflexible to ever parse
      the ANT option set (How dumb is that??), because it insists that all options
      that have a "-" prefix are one character long.

      3. The help formater doesnt work as documented on the usage page either - (due
      to a bug it took just a minute to find) it only prints usage help for options
      which have a single character descriptions, despite single char descriptions
      not being mandatory.

      In all, Ive been extremely dissappointed and surprised that marginally tested
      software of such poor quality and design, whose own scant docs blatantly dont
      work as described, can make it into such a position of influence.

      I spent about an hour comparing the 3 OS Java command line parsing libs
      yesterday, and (in part because of the (increasingly devalued) "Jakarta
      Commons" brand) sadly it seems I put my money on the wrong horse.




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