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backbutton event does not fire if softkeyboard open for input on popup - windows 8.1



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 3.6.3
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      Windows Phone 8.1 devices / emulators


      Using cordova 3.6.3 jquery 1.3.2 Jquery mobile 1.7.2

      app is hybrid html5 app that runs on windows, ios and android

      Issue is that backbutton event does not fire if the softkeyboard is open for an input that is on a popup

      Issue is on Windows 8.1 devices:

      ondeviceready i add event listener for backbutton

      document.addEventListener("backbutton", backButtonHandler, false);

      If the input is not on a popup and the softkeyboard is open the backButtonHandler is called if the user taps the device backbutton

      If the input is on an open popup, such as

      <div data-role="popup" class="popupClass" id="popupOption" style="text-align:center;"/>
      <input type="number" name="mobileNumber" id="mobileNumber" />

      and the softkeyboard is not displayed the backButtonHandler is called when the user taps the device back button

      If the softkeyboard is displayed (input on the popup has focus) and the user taps the device back button then backButtonHandler is not called

      What happens is the input blurs and focuses a number of times (i have binded to these events on the input to test)

      On screen the keyboard appears to close and open rapidly, once for each tap of the device back button

      On windows 8.0 device or android (device or emulator) the behaviour is slightly different:
      If the keyboard is open and the user taps the device back button the backButtonHandler is not called but the keyboard closes as i expect it to

      I would expect the backbutton event to be fired when the input on a popup is focused (softkeyboard open) in the same way as if the input is not on a popup




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