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Connection reported as Connection.NONE


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    • Fix Version/s: 2.0.0
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      To be pursuant with Apple guidelines, I recently put checks into my code to detect offline/online status for my apps and alert accordingly. I used this function to detect:

      function isOnline() {
      // Presume online unless PhoneGap or HTML5 tell us otherwise.
      if (navigator.network && navigator.network.connection.type == Connection.NONE)

      { return false; }
      if (navigator.onLine && typeof navigator.onLine == 'boolean' && navigator.onLine === false) { return false; }

      return true;

      This works as expected for me, but for one of my users (on an Android 2.3), it reports Connection.NONE even when they have perfect reception. So I'm no longer using the network.connection status.

      Maybe it doesn't work for some carriers? Or it shouldn't be relied upon for disabling functionality?

      @pamelafox that is a weird one. Going back over the code the only time Connection.NONE should be returned is when the the NetworkInfo object is null or it's isConnected() method returns false.

      Perhaps there is a window as the application starts up where the network info is not ready. Are you making this check after a deviceready event?

      @pamelafox Can you ask your user if they are roaming when the have this problem? If so I think it may be a bug with Android itself.


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