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HTML5 video playback in iOS is muted by ringer switch



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      We've got a Cordova based iOS app (targeted for iOS7 and 8) that plays back a fair amount of media content as HTML5 video. We've been having issues with video not playing sound for some users. I suspect some of the issues are related to device ringers being set to mute (which does not seem to affect video playback in Safari), and would like to cross these cases out. From my perspective it'd be nice if behavior of the HTML5 video element in iOS WebViews matched its Safari behavior.

      I managed to get the behavior I would like by fiddling with the Cordova default view controller, but I would rather not modify Cordova's controllers in place (in part because it seems wrong, but mostly because we'd like to be able to re-build our Cordova app without having to worry about modifying library files.)

      Is there currently something I should configure to have Cordova just do this for me? I see that the Media plugin does something similar to this, but couldn't find anything like it documented for video. If this is not currently set-able, are there particular plans to implement (or never do so)?

      We're using Cordova 3.5.0-0.2.7. I'm happy to provide more info about the fiddling I've done thus far.

      Sterling Nelson <sterling@xtramath.org>

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