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check if npm-link is present when tools are on master




      Per CB-7677, we may be in the habit of not testing the latest cordova-lib when we are on master. Since by default, plugman and cli will download the latest release from the npm registry unless we explicitly do an "npm link" on our workstations, we may be testing the wrong version of lib by default.

      So the proposal here is:

      (1) add a check to createmobilespec that if all of [js, lib, plugman, cli] are checked out at master, that our own dependencies be npm-linked to each other instead of downloaded directly. This check will not happen if any of those repos are on a branch other than master. And if for some reason you want to bypass the check even when they all are on master, there is a --skiplink option in createmobilespec. If this check runs and fails, it will not make any changes to your workspace, it will simply cause createmobilespec to fail.

      (2) since it should be best practice to do an "npm link" of our own dependencies, this should be a common task. So add the command "npm-link" to coho to unbuild any directly-installed dependencies of our own, and instead do an npm-link of them.


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