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Returned file inconsistencies between platforms



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      Here is a little matrix that I've put together based on my experiences:

      X iOS Android
      Photo Saved to Library yes yes
      Video Saved to Library no yes
      Location of Media returned tmp library

      So, as you can see, there are inconsistencies with whether or not the captured media is saved to the user's library. Also, there are inconsistencies with whether or not it returns a copy in the tmp folder (even if it did save to the library), or a path to the version in the library. And this is just for iOS and Android. If we added more platforms, what would it look like?

      This causes issues with my app when trying to decide if it is safe to delete the file returned once I am done with it. On android the user has the gallery app to manage the files so I don't need to delete them. On iOS there is no UI to manage the tmp files, so I need to delete them once I am done with them.

      Problem is, I don't want to be writing a bunch of code for each platform (isn't cordova supposed to abstract this for us). It would be nice if the capture plugin provided details as to whether or not we should be cleaning up the media returned.

      This gets even more complicated if we throw audio capture into the mix since iOS doesn't even have the concept of an audio library (as far as I know).




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