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Enable CLI and Plugman with npm shrinkwrap



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      I think the npm modules cordova and plugman should be enable and publish with shrinkwrap.

      It doesn't mean that cordova-cli/plugman locks down dependency tree for ever, they can be updated as needed at any time a new version if publish to npm.

      More info here:

      This provides multiple benefits:

      • Everyone testing cordova rc test the same code not just the cordova module, but all its dependencies
      • All users that npm install cordova or plugman get the same code including all dependencies
      • Easier to recreate an user environment, if user reports that is having problems with cordova@3.4.0-0.1.0 then another cordova contributor or committer wil be sure 100% that is running the same code as the user.
      • Avoids "it works on my system and not yours" without shrinkwrap it depends when an user installs cordova or plugman, and if any dependencies inside the whole dependency tree changes a version
      • Could be use to better clarify ALL dependencies including the versions that cordova/plugman was tested, so if a downstream distribution or end user wants to know what is a full list of dependencies to get cordova-cli and plugman working they can take a look at shrinkwrap.json
      • If a downstream distribution wants to redistribute cordova-cli and plugman, then it has higher confident of what dependencies where use at time of testing and releasing a specific version of cordov-cli/plugman, and if it wants to distribute cordova-cli/plugman including its dependencies it's easier to distribute only the versions that where use at time of testing/release.


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