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iOS: CDVLocation locationManager didFailWithError




      The delegate handler for didFailWithError appears to have a couple of issues...

      According to the documentation,

      If the location service is unable to retrieve a location right away, it reports a kCLErrorLocationUnknown error and keeps trying. In such a situation, you can simply ignore the error and wait for a new event.

      The handler within CDVLocation does not however take this into account and as a result if this error is raised it causes the location manager to be shut down without any warning.

      Within the same handler, there appears to be code to send a notification back to the JavaScript by way of the onError function. This notification is never received in the JavaScript so the error cannot be handled (by calling clearWatch and then restarting with a call to watchPosition for example).

      The first problem is (I believe) fairly easily resolved; simply ignoring the error (though possibly notifying the JavaScript) would suffice.

      I have no idea how to resolve the second problem. I have tried tracing the code and it appears to call commandDelegate::sendPluginResult (via returnLocationError) but the onError function in the (my) JavaScript does not receive the error. I do not understand how the plug-in model works enough to be able to follow up any further for myself.




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