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EXC_BAD_ACCESS on CDVPlugin that is re-opened after being closed




      We've been having an issue involving Cordova crashing as the modal view for our plugin opens. We have been able to reproduce the issue, and the steps are shown below. The null pointer seems to come from the WebCore::TimerBase::setNextFireTime method.

      Source Code

      The source code for the project exhibiting this behavior can be cloned from BitBucket:


      Download the tag named "simple-camera". This tag strips out nonessential details. Please do not use the latest commit when debugging.

      If the app runs slowly even when you use the above commit, try removing (or modifying) the weinre line on your local machine.

      Steps to Reproduce

      The following steps have, without fail, reproduced the error for me. I am unsure whether this is the minimal set of steps.

      1. Build and run the app through XCode on a real iOS device.
      2. Tap the "Open Shopeel Camera" button. The plugin view opens.
      3. Tap the "Cancel" button to close the plugin view.
      4. Wait at least 30 seconds.
      5. Tap the "Open Shopeel Camera" button again.
      6. Tap the "Cancel" button again.
      7. Wait at least 30 seconds.
      8. Tap the "Open Shopeel Camera" button a third time. The app crashes.

      Error Log

      The app always crashes on the following line:

      0x32e6379e:  ldr.w  r0, [r0, r5, lsl #2]

      The trace indicates that this occurs on the thread labeled com.apple.camera.avcapturesession in the method named WebCore::TimerBase::setNextFireTime(double).




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