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      Mac OS X


      Show the Installer Log and report an issue in the Google Groups or Cordova Issue Tracker (JIRA here).

      When the installer is launched, Apple-L to show the install log, then select "Show All Logs" from the drop-down list. Run through the installation until you get the error (don't close the installer down yet). Copy and Paste the log.

      Permissions Issues
      A previous installer (Cocos2D as an example that does this) installs their own templates using the Root user, causing permissions issues for the PhoneGap installer, which does not need root privileges to install.

      Substitute [USERNAME] below for the name of your home account.

      The log might show this:

      /preinstall: mkdir: /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Developer/Xcode/Templates/Project Templates: Permission denied

      In Terminal, if you do:

      ls -la "/Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Developer/Xcode/" and go to the row with Templates

      It would show for example:

      drwxr-xr-x 12 root staff 408 3 May 00:18 Templates

      That's the problem, the owner of the folder is root. You'll have to reclaim this for your current user.


      sudo chown [USERNAME] "/Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Developer/Xcode/Templates"

      Run the installer again, and it should work this time.


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        follow the instructions in the issue

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