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The captureVideo do not ask for user permissions



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    • Microsoft Windows 10

      Apache Cordova 6.2.3

      Media Capture Plugin 1.4.3

      Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 with Android 6.0.1


      Hello to all,

      First of all thanks for reading this and thanks for the Apache Cordova project and all their related plugins.

      I am not quite sure if this is an issue, but, after searching for information (without lucky) and try by myself several times, I think is really an issue.

      The problem is the issue:

      1º Trying to capture a video for the very first time that the application has been installed, the appropiate permissions dialog do not appear, and, even when we can record a video, then we can't then obtain their full path, in my case in order to play the video and also convert it into a blob object ready to be upload to the app's server.

      2º However, if first of all (and also on a clean app installation) we try to capture an audio, then yes, the plugin ask for the appropiate permissions, and, if we press "Ok", then the audio capture works as expected, but also the video capture works as expected, since the permissions has been granted by the user.

      In my opinion the video capture, in the same way than the audio capture, must ask for the appropiate permissions from the user, because in other way the video capture, even when can be made... fail in the sense that we can't get the recorded video file path.

      Please, if some more information are required, just post here and I will try to provide it as quickly as possible.

      Thanks very much in advance!

      David Esperalta




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