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Force reloading WKWebViewEngine causes transparent view



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      I am using auto crash recovery in the WKWebViewEngine plugin and I have noticed that sometimes when the page enters the foreground and it reloads I end up with a blank screen.

      I have inspected the app with WebKit from my MacBook and I can see that there is a DOM. When I hover over elements with my mouse I can see the elements highlighting on the device. The javascript is still running and the app still reacts to touches.

      Refreshing the page again does not make the DOM appear and if I navigate to another page I still have a blank screen.

      I have managed to easily reproduce the problem with a clean project and a slight modification to make the app refresh every time it's brought to foreground. My "test" only happens on my iPhone 6S Plus. I have tried it on an iPhone 5 & iPad mini 2 but the bug never seems to happen.

      Here are the steps:

      • cordova create hello com.example.hello HelloWorld
      • cordova platform add ios --save
      • cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine
      • In CDVWKebViewEngine.m => method (BOOL)shouldReloadWebView) => line 185 => Change it to return YES; (so it will awlays reload!)
      • Run the app on the device (remember to use an iPhone 6S Plus, though perhaps it would still be a problem on a similar device 6/6s/7)
      • Repeatedly send the app to the background/foreground by pressing the home button / app icon
      • It usually will occur in 1-5 "reloads" but sometimes it can be up to ~25

      Needless to say this is a critical error that is preventing me releasing my app.





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