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Improve Android Guide



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      We did a document scrub and found the following issues. Please feel free to correct other things as well.

      • Android Platform Guide
        • Install Cordova Shell tools is out of date
        • Environment variable instructions for Windows are out of date
        • Emulator section can just point to http://developer.android.com/tools/devices/emulator.html
        • Lots of duplicated content for create/build/deploy from CLI page
        • Page keeps switching between CLI and platform-centric workflow
      • Android Shell Tool Guide
        • Second paragraph is out of date
        • Create/build/run/logging/clean should be clear that this is the platform-centric workflow. Also duplicated in Android Platform guide
        • Platform-centric workflow should probably just get its own explicit page
        • Signing an app doesn't actually say how to sign an app. Gives arguments for some mystery command
          • Does this belong in our docs? We might just mention it and point to Google's app signing instructions
      • Android WebViews
        • Needs investigation if this is still supported.
          • Step 1 is wrong (should be getting cordova-android by cloning or from npm)
          • Step 3 needs to have instructions for adding jars to gradle
          • Step 5 is out of date. CordovaActivity does not implement CordovaInterface... Think they should be extending/modifying CordovaActivity. Needs investigation
          • Step 6 does not appear to be camera plugin specific
          • Step 7 example is useless, it needs to be fleshed out
      • Android plugins
        • Should be moved to plugin developer docs
        • Need a reference for the classes that plugins have access to
          • CordovaWebView, CallbackContext, CordovaPlugin, etc.
          • Most already have javadoc
        • Android Integration should be renamed and link to the Android classes it's talking about
        • Debugging Android plugins is out of date (mentions Eclipse and jars) and should probably be fleshed out a bit
      • Android Configuration
        • Should be a reference
      • Upgrading Android
        • Ends at 4.0.0 (current is 4.1.1, soon to be 5.0.0)
        • Needs to be reorganized in some way
          • The instructions seem to be pretty much the same for versions 1.6.0 +
        • Goes back to the phonegap days! Should probably only include Cordova versions (1.5.0 +)
        • Upgrade to 1.8.0 from 1.7.0 repeated twice
        • Upgrade to 1.8.0 from 1.8.0 is a typo

      General guidelines:

      • While giving examples, keep them short. Do not repeat for all plugins/platforms.
      • Remove all references to cordova plugin registry.
      • Remove Tizen references. The platform is deprecated (http://markmail.org/message/hryg6sjswecpgndu)
      • Keep information up to date for the platforms, CLI and plugins


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