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  2. CAY-2388 Modeler: Visualization issues with undo/redo actions for attributes and relationships
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Modeler: Visualization issue after an undo action for a deleted ObjAttribute




      The modeler misbehaves during an undo action, it's only regarding to visualization subject.

      How to reproduce:

      Precondition: In a project with at least 2 Object Entities: ObjEntity1 and ObjEntity2

      1. go to ObjEntity1 and remove an ObjAttribute
      2. switch to ObjEntity2, properties Tab
      3. go to main menu and select undo
      4. the ObjAttributed removed from ObjEntity1 is now in the attributes list of ObjEntity2

      I have figured out while working in complex project during the undo action, when suddenly a Object Entity lost multiple attributes (about 5) after the undo action, so I close the project, just in case, without save and then open it again to avoid make the change permanent.

      Trying to reproduce the issue, looks like this is only related to visualization and get solved by switching to a different object, even saving the change the original attribute is back to the right entity, but the visualization is not consistent right after the undo action.


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