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Andrea Cosentino <> committed 42c4343b08c296bfbbf72053d9da5b6922a067a7 (1 file)
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Upgrade Apache Cassandra to version 2.1.5

dennisl committed 1636191 (1 file)
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Add more toolchain-aware plugins:
- maven-jarsigner-plugin
- animal-sniffer-maven-plugin
- cassandra-maven-plugin
- jasperreports-maven-plugin
- jdiff-maven-plugin

Gerald Quintana <> committed 7be546af5c889b0fd7afbfdc2ef52c4a60d9879c (34 files)
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CAMEL-2939: Camel Cassandra 3 CQL3 first edition
Handle Cassandra authentication

Improve ResultSet to message body conversion



Rename package

Upgrade dependencies

Implement IdempotentRepository using Cassandra

Implement AggregationRepository using Cassandra

Renamed CassandraQl into Cassandra

Refactored CQL generation

Removed PKHelper in favour of generateInsert, generateDelete... methods

camel-git CAMEL-4232
Olivier Lamy (*$^¨%`£) committed 1583290 (1 file)
Olivier Lamy (*$^¨%`£) committed 1582201 (1 file)
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ease override of

Olivier Lamy (*$^¨%`£) committed 1579819 (14 files)
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move cassandra to simply use hector client: start with repositories and namespaces

archiva trunk
Bertrand Delacretaz committed 1553124 (48 files)
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SLING-2798 - Cassandra Resource Provider for Sling, contributed by Dishara Wijewardana, thanks!

sling trunk
Olivier Lamy (*$^¨%`£) committed 1551841 (1 file)
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change cassandra module activation

Olivier Lamy (*$^¨%`£) committed 1551410 (2 files)
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cassandra plugin released snapshot repositories not needed anymore

Olivier Lamy (*$^¨%`£) committed 1545119 (1 file)
Olivier Lamy (*$^¨%`£) committed 1544015 (2 files)
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fix sirona sys props for tomcat plugin and include sirona cassandra storage per default