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      commit 4c12f1961b1a84f37c3eab8fc83a8640693d5665
      Date: Tue Jul 14 11:00:57 2015 +0200

      Trunk eclipse-warnings HEAD currently shows 8480 problems (8480 errors), so I won't post the full ouput - take a look at the eclipse_compiler_checks.txt on the latest build at http://cassci.datastax.com/job/trunk_eclipse-warnings/lastBuild/

      Bisecting from the clean output from commit 7aafe05, when the eclipse-warning target was added to build.xml, I'm not sure how this particular commit is the culprit, but bisect doesn't seem to be lying to me.

      ((b7e72e1...)|BISECTING)mshuler@hana:~/git/cassandra$ git bisect good
      c8d3cc1493a0ca47fa34e88d9a113440611dce3b is the first bad commit
      commit c8d3cc1493a0ca47fa34e88d9a113440611dce3b
      Author: Ariel Weisberg <ariel@weisberg.ws>
      Date:   Wed Jun 24 08:09:52 2015 +0200
          Improve log output from unit tests
          patch by Ariel Weisberg; reviewed by Robert Stupp for CASSANDRA-9528
      :100644 100644 33869cb06d03ec0876d4e995ba620e37f8f93692 d2d1d5f31261f9846a762bf491d88f4e0a6428a4 M      CHANGES.txt
      :100644 100644 1fbc2fa0d08b16fe599e7295b490d631a5a2bc8d 3d83ee62d2039a7addc7eb4b8c7b436ebf0a84ba M      build.xml
      :040000 040000 9624366c0f14581186815712f537d0bbf17302da 83beb963e7cababe3392d096ac6b28b74dc55455 M      test
      ((b7e72e1...)|BISECTING)mshuler@hana:~/git/cassandra$ git bisect log 
      git bisect start
      # good: [7aafe053e7ffffc3b2e4ac1b2a444749df3dbbaa] Add Static Analysis to warn on unsafe use of Autocloseable instances
      git bisect good 7aafe053e7ffffc3b2e4ac1b2a444749df3dbbaa
      # bad: [4c12f1961b1a84f37c3eab8fc83a8640693d5665] Fix column dropping
      git bisect bad 4c12f1961b1a84f37c3eab8fc83a8640693d5665
      # good: [075ff5000ced24b42f3b540815cae471bee4049d] Merge branch 'cassandra-2.2' into trunk
      git bisect good 075ff5000ced24b42f3b540815cae471bee4049d
      # bad: [89fdaabad1eeab0988740dccd86e688ce909ea53] Merge branch 'cassandra-2.2' into trunk
      git bisect bad 89fdaabad1eeab0988740dccd86e688ce909ea53
      # bad: [3572cfdce46f6728424dfd0c877e28cc72154b31] Merge branch 'cassandra-2.2' into trunk
      git bisect bad 3572cfdce46f6728424dfd0c877e28cc72154b31
      # good: [0d4065e58ad34a5c6ef525aa72cb1cfe859a5b0a] Merge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
      git bisect good 0d4065e58ad34a5c6ef525aa72cb1cfe859a5b0a
      # good: [9a3fa887cfa03c082f249d1d4003d87c14ba5d24] Add algorithmic token allocation
      git bisect good 9a3fa887cfa03c082f249d1d4003d87c14ba5d24
      # bad: [7392fb96dbe4d1d9d70a691b721c1bb7b359dd78] rollback short-circuit logical expression change
      git bisect bad 7392fb96dbe4d1d9d70a691b721c1bb7b359dd78
      # good: [1902653e9efd826a3982d6e36c32f9d9ff01eb4b] Merge branch 'cassandra-2.2' into trunk
      git bisect good 1902653e9efd826a3982d6e36c32f9d9ff01eb4b
      # bad: [c8d3cc1493a0ca47fa34e88d9a113440611dce3b] Improve log output from unit tests
      git bisect bad c8d3cc1493a0ca47fa34e88d9a113440611dce3b
      # good: [b7e72e1eefcd883c2cbc757ae42e455699d50bfd] Merge branch 'cassandra-2.2' into trunk
      git bisect good b7e72e1eefcd883c2cbc757ae42e455699d50bfd
      # first bad commit: [c8d3cc1493a0ca47fa34e88d9a113440611dce3b] Improve log output from unit tests


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          Michael Shuler
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          Michael Shuler



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