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OOM when loading sstables (system.hints)

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    • Critical


      Andy Tolbert discovered an issue while running endurance tests on 2.2. A Node was not able to start and was killed by the OOM Killer.

      Briefly, Cassandra use an excessive amount of memory when loading compressed sstables (off-heap?). We have initially seen the issue with system.hints before knowing it was related to compression. system.hints use lz4 compression by default. If we have a sstable of, say 8-10G, Cassandra will be killed by the OOM killer after 1-2 minutes. I can reproduce that bug everytime locally.

      • the issue also happens if we have 10G of data splitted in 13MB sstables.
      • I can reproduce the issue if I put a lot of data in the system.hints table.
      • I cannot reproduce the issue with a standard table using the same compression (LZ4). Something seems to be different when it's hints?

      You wont see anything in the node system.log but you'll see this in /var/log/syslog.log:

      Out of memory: Kill process 30777 (java) score 600 or sacrifice child

      The issue has been introduced in this commit but is not related to the performance issue in CASSANDRA-9240: https://github.com/apache/cassandra/commit/aedce5fc6ba46ca734e91190cfaaeb23ba47a846

      Here is the core dump and some yourkit snapshots in attachments. I am not sure you will be able to get useful information from them.
      core dump: http://dl.alanb.ca/core.tar.gz

      Not sure if this is related, but all dumps and snapshot points to EstimatedHistogramReservoir ... and we can see many javax.management.InstanceAlreadyExistsException: org.apache.cassandra.metrics:... exceptions in system.log before it hangs then crash.

      To reproduce the issue:
      1. created a cluster of 3 nodes
      2. start the whole cluster
      3. shutdown node2 and node3
      4. writes 10-15G of data on node1 with replication factor 3. You should see a lot of hints.
      5. stop node1
      6. start node2 and node3
      7. start node1, you should OOM.

      //cc T Jake Luciani Benedict Elliott Smith Andy Tolbert


        1. yourkit.ss.tar.gz
          7.35 MB
          Alan Boudreault
        2. system.log
          1.73 MB
          Alan Boudreault
        3. java-hints-issue-2015-06-09.snapshot
          3.36 MB
          Alan Boudreault
        4. hs_err_pid11243.log
          63 kB
          Alan Boudreault
        5. 9573.txt
          2 kB
          Sam Tunnicliffe

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