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Performance issue after a restart



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    • 2.2.0 rc2, 3.0 alpha 1
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      I have noticed a performance issue while I was working on compaction perf tests for CASSANDRA-7409. The performance for my use case is very bad after a restart. It is mostly a read performance issue but not strictly. I have attached my use case (see run_issue.sh and issue.yaml) and all test logs for 2.1.4, 2.1.5 and trunk:

      • 2.1.* are OK (although 2.1.4 seems to be better than 2.1.5?): ~6-7k ops/second and ~2-2.5k of read latency.
      • trunk is NOT OK: ~1.5-2k ops/second and 25-30k of read latency.
      • trunk is OK without a restart: ~ same perf than 2.1.4 and 2.1.5.

      EDIT: branch cassandra-2.1 is OK.

      I can help to bisect and/or profile on Monday if needed.


        1. cassandra_2.1.4.log
          88 kB
          Alan Boudreault
        2. cassandra_2.1.4-clientrequest-read.log
          5 kB
          Alan Boudreault
        3. cassandra_2.1.5.log
          93 kB
          Alan Boudreault
        4. cassandra_2.1.5-clientrequest-read.log
          1 kB
          Alan Boudreault
        5. cassandra_trunk_no_restart.log
          86 kB
          Alan Boudreault
        6. cassandra_trunk_no_restart-clientrequest-read.log
          0.9 kB
          Alan Boudreault
        7. cassandra_trunk.log
          113 kB
          Alan Boudreault
        8. cassandra_trunk-clientrequest-read.log
          2 kB
          Alan Boudreault
        9. Cassandra.snapshots.zip
          9.70 MB
          Alan Boudreault
        10. issue.yaml
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          Alan Boudreault
        11. run_issue.sh
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          Alan Boudreault
        12. runs.log
          214 kB
          Alan Boudreault
        13. trace_query.cql
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          Alan Boudreault

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