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Allow storage port to be configurable per node



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      Currently storage_port must be configured identically on all nodes in a cluster and it is assumed that this is the case when connecting to a remote node.

      This prevents running in any environment that requires multiple nodes to be able to bind to the same network interface, such as with many automatic provisioning/deployment frameworks.

      The current solutions seems to be

      • use a separate network interface for each node deployed to the same box. This puts a big requirement on IP allocation at large scale.
      • allow multiple clusters to be provisioned from the same resource pool, but restrict allocation to a maximum of one node per host from each cluster, assuming each cluster is running on a different storage port.

      It would make operations much simpler in these kind of environments if the environment provisioning the resources could assign the ports to be used when bringing up a new node on shared hardware.

      The changes required would be at least the following:
      1. configure seeds as IP:port instead of just IP
      2. gossip the storage port as part of a node's ApplicationState
      3. refer internally to nodes by hostID instead of IP, since there will be multiple nodes with the same IP

      (1) & (2) are mostly trivial and I already have a patch for these. The bulk of the work to enable this is (3), and I would structure this as a separate pre-requisite patch.


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