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DES scores fluctuate too much for cache pinning



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    • 2.0.5
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    • 1.2.11, 2 DC cluster

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      To quote the conf:

      # if set greater than zero and read_repair_chance is < 1.0, this will allow
      # 'pinning' of replicas to hosts in order to increase cache capacity.
      # The badness threshold will control how much worse the pinned host has to be
      # before the dynamic snitch will prefer other replicas over it.  This is
      # expressed as a double which represents a percentage.  Thus, a value of
      # 0.2 means Cassandra would continue to prefer the static snitch values
      # until the pinned host was 20% worse than the fastest.
      dynamic_snitch_badness_threshold: 0.1

      An assumption of this feature is that scores will vary by less than dynamic_snitch_badness_threshold during normal operations. Attached is the result of polling a node for the scores of 6 different endpoints at 1 Hz for 15 minutes. The endpoints to sample were chosen with `nodetool getendpoints` for row that is known to get reads. The node was acting as a coordinator for a few hundred req/second, so it should have sufficient data to work with. Other traces on a second cluster have produced similar results.

      • The scores vary by far more than I would expect, as show by the difficulty of seeing anything useful in that graph.
      • The difference between the best and next-best score is usually > 10% (default dynamic_snitch_badness_threshold).

      Neither ClientRequest nor ColumFamily metrics showed wild changes during the data gathering period.


      • jython script cobbled together to gather the data (based on work on the mailing list from Maki Watanabe a while back)
      • csv of DES scores for 6 endpoints, polled about once a second
      • Attempt at making a graph


        1. des-scores-with-penalty.csv
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          Tom Hobbs
        2. des-scores-without-penalty.csv
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        3. 6465-v1.patch
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        4. throughput.png
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        5. 99th_latency.png
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        6. des-score-graph.png
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        7. des.sample.15min.csv
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        8. get-scores.py
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