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Not all STATUS_CHANGE UP events reported via the native protocol



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    • 1.2.7
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      Not all gossip UP events are pushed to native protocol users who have registered for them. This seems to be a native protocol issue because nodes themselves get the UP event (as seen in their logs). I can consistently reproduce this issue as follows:

      1) connect a client to a cluster node ("node1") using the native protocol, register for TOPOLOGY_CHANGE and STATUS_CHANGE events. (Probably you only need to register for STATUS_CHANGE to see this, however my client registers for both).
      2) on another node ("node2"), send SIGSTOP to the Cassandra process.
      3) after about 30 seconds the client gets pushed a STATUS_CHANGE DOWN event for the stopped node.
      4) on node2, send SIGCONT to the the Cassandra process.
      5) wait forever to get a STATUS_CHANGE UP event. This is failure: no event is ever received.

      Observe that node1 does know that node2 is back up: in its system log I see for example
      INFO [GossipStage:1] 2013-07-17 14:27:41,238 Gossiper.java (line 771) InetAddress / is now UP
      shortly after sending SIGCONT to the stopped process.

      To eliminate the possibility that my client is at fault, I performed the following sanity check:

      2') on node2, stopped Cassandra nicely using: sudo service cassandra stop
      4') on node2, restarted Cassandra using: sudo service cassandra start

      In this case the client soon after gets a STATUS_CHANGE DOWN event followed by a STATUS_CHANGE UP event for node2.


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