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select statement with indexed column causes node to OOM



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      After creating a keyspace, table and index on a clean ccm 3 node cluster based on trunk, when a select statement with an index expression is executed in cqlsh one of the nodes OOM's and goes down.

      The steps to reproduce the problem are:

      create a 3 node cluster from trunk (I used ccm)

      execute the following statements in cqlsh:

      CREATE KEYSPACE trace WITH strategy_class = 'SimpleStrategy'
        AND strategy_options:replication_factor = '1';
      CREATE TABLE trace.trace_events(sessionId  timeuuid,
        coordinator       inet,
        eventId           timeuuid,
        description       text,
        duration          bigint,
        happened_at       timestamp,
        name              text,
        payload_types     map<text, text>,
        payload           map<text, blob>,
        source            inet,
        type              text,
        PRIMARY KEY (sessionId, coordinator, eventId));
      CREATE INDEX idx_name ON trace.trace_events (name);

      Executing the following statement causes node2 to OOM:

      select * from trace_events where name = 'batch_mutate';

      In my case node2 goes down with:

      ERROR [Thread-9] 2012-08-17 19:42:55,741 CassandraDaemon.java (line 131) Exception in thread Thread[Thread-9,5,main]
      java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
      	at org.apache.cassandra.dht.Token$TokenSerializer.deserialize(Token.java:97)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.dht.AbstractBounds$AbstractBoundsSerializer.deserialize(AbstractBounds.java:161)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.db.RangeSliceCommandSerializer.deserialize(RangeSliceCommand.java:299)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.db.RangeSliceCommandSerializer.deserialize(RangeSliceCommand.java:181)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.net.MessageIn.read(MessageIn.java:94)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.net.IncomingTcpConnection.receiveMessage(IncomingTcpConnection.java:181)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.net.IncomingTcpConnection.handleModernVersion(IncomingTcpConnection.java:122)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.net.IncomingTcpConnection.run(IncomingTcpConnection.java:69)
       INFO [StorageServiceShutdownHook] 2012-08-17 19:42:55,746 ThriftServer.java (line 221) Stop listening to thrift clients
       INFO [StorageServiceShutdownHook] 2012-08-17 19:42:55,748 Gossiper.java (line 1054) Announcing shutdown
       INFO [StorageServiceShutdownHook] 2012-08-17 19:42:56,749 MessagingService.java (line 657) Waiting for messaging service to quiesce
       INFO [ACCEPT-/] 2012-08-17 19:42:56,751 MessagingService.java (line 849) MessagingService shutting down server thread.


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