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    • Fix Version/s: 1.1.1
    • Component/s: CQL
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      The goal of this ticket is to be the home for a number of minor fixes/improvements in CQL3 that I didn't felt warranted a ticket each. It includes 4 patches:

      • The first one fixes the grammar for float constants, so as to not recognize 3.-3, but to actually allow 3. (i.e, with radix point but with the fractional part left blank)
      • The second one correctly detect the (invalid) case where a table is created with COMPACT STORAGE but without any 'clustering keys'.
      • The third one fixes COUNT, first by making sure both COUNT and COUNT(1) are correctly recognized and also by "processing" the internal row before counting, are there isn't a 1-to-1 correspondence between internal rows and CQL rows in CQL3. The grammar change in this patch actually rely on CASSANDRA-4184
      • The fourth and last patch disallows the counter type for keys (i.e. any column part of the PRIMARY KEY) as it is completely non-sensical and will only led to confusion.


        1. 0004-Disallow-counters-for-PRIMARY-KEY-part-v2.txt
          10 kB
          Sylvain Lebresne
        2. 0003-Fix-COUNT-in-select.txt
          5 kB
          Sylvain Lebresne
        3. 0002-Fix-compact-storage-validation.txt
          1 kB
          Sylvain Lebresne
        4. 0001-Fix-float-parsing.txt
          0.7 kB
          Sylvain Lebresne

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