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nodetool disablegossip does not prevent gossip delivery of writes via already-initiated hinted handoff


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      reported on IRC, believe it was a linux environment, nick "rhone", cassandra 1.0.8


      This ticket derives from #cassandra, aaron_morton and I assisted a user who had run "disablethrift" and "disablegossip" and was confused as to why he was seeing writes to his node.

      Aaron and I went through a series of debugging questions, user verified that there was traffic on the gossip port. His node was showing as down from the perspective of other nodes, and nodetool also showed that gossip was not active.

      Aaron read the code and had the user turn debug logging on. The user saw Hinted Handoff messages being delivered and Aaron confirmed in the code that a hinted handoff delivery session only checks gossip state when it first starts. As a result, it will continue to deliver hints and disregard gossip state on the target node.

      per nodetool docs
      disablegossip - Disable gossip (effectively marking the node dead)

      I believe most people will be using disablegossip and disablethrift for operational reasons, and propose that they do not expect HH delivery to continue, via gossip, when they have run "disablegossip".




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