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RowCache misses Updates



    • Type: Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: 1.1.0
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      While performing stress tests to find any race problems for CASSANDRA-2864 I guess I (re-)found one for the standard on-heap row cache.

      During my stress test I hava lots of threads running with some of them only reading other writing and re-reading the value.

      This seems to happen:

      • Reader tries to read row A for the first time doing a getTopLevelColumns
      • Row A which is not in the cache yet is updated by Writer. The row is not eagerly read during write (because we want fast writes) so the writer cannot perform a cache update
      • Reader puts the row in the cache which is now missing the update

      I already asked this some time ago on the mailing list but unfortunately didn't dig after I got no answer since I assumed that I just missed something. In a way I still do but haven't found any locking mechanism that makes sure that this should not happen.

      The problem can be reproduced with every run of my stress test. When I restart the server the expected column is there. It's just missing from the cache.

      To test I have created a patch that merges memtables with the row cache. With the patch the problem is gone.

      I can also reproduce in 0.8. Haven't checked 1.1 but I haven't found any relevant change their either so I assume the same aplies there.


        1. include_memtables_in_rowcache_read.patch
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          Daniel Doubleday
        2. 3862.patch
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          Sylvain Lebresne
        3. 3862-v2.patch
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        4. 3862_v3.patch
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          Sylvain Lebresne
        5. 3862-cleanup.txt
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          Jonathan Ellis
        6. 3862-v4.patch
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          Sylvain Lebresne
        7. 3862-v5.txt
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        8. 3862-v6.txt
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          Jonathan Ellis
        11. 3862_v8_addon.txt
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