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The two tests in NetstatsBootstrapWithEntireSSTablesCompressionStreamingTest are flaky

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    • 4.0-rc1, 4.0
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      The issue is when there are interleaving logs, then the filter here doesn't help.

      I managed to reproduce the issue only once. 

      But I found logs from old CircleCI run. Please see logs/org.apache.cassandra.distributed.test.NetstatsBootstrapWithoutEntireSSTablesCompressionStreamingTest/<main>/<main>/system.log

      The excerpt that shows what I am talking about:


      DEBUG [node1_NettyStreaming-Outbound-/] node1 2021-03-17 22:41:21,057 CassandraCompressedStreamWriter.java:102 - [Stream #e3d93810-8771-11eb-a0f1-f756ef192fe7] Finished streaming file /tmp/dtests9118120876279144235/node1/data1/netstats_test/test_table-c0f7eda0877111ebbfc147ef604f6105/na-11-big-Data.db to /, bytesTransferred = 66.646KiB, totalSize = 66.646KiB
      Bootstrap e3d93810-8771-11eb-a0f1-f756ef192fe7
       Sending 15 files, 1339433 bytes total. Already sent 3 files (20.00%), 197286 bytes total (14.73%)
      DEBUG [Stream-Deserializer-/] node2 2021-03-17 22:41:21,057 StreamingInboundHandler.java:187 - [Stream #e3d93810-8771-11eb-a0f1-f756ef192fe7 channel: 2bcb5810] Received IncomingStreamMessage{header=Header (tableId: c0f7eda0-8771-11eb-bfc1-47ef604f6105, #1, repairedAt: 0, pendingRepair: null, sendByFollower: true), stream=CassandraIncomingFile{sstable=netstats_test/test_table}}
      DEBUG [Stream-Deserializer-/] node2 2021-03-17 22:41:21,058 NettyStreamingMessageSender.java:258 - [Stream #e3d93810-8771-11eb-a0f1-f756ef192fe7 channel: 09fdf87e] Sending Received (c0f7eda0-8771-11eb-bfc1-47ef604f6105, #1)
       /tmp/dtests9118120876279144235/node1/data1/system_auth/roles-5bc52802de2535edaeab188eecebb090/na-2-big-Data.db 102/102 bytes (100%) sent to idx:0/
       /tmp/dtests9118120876279144235/node1/data1/netstats_test/test_table-c0f7eda0877111ebbfc147ef604f6105/na-11-big-Data.db 65536/68246 bytes (96%) sent to idx:0/
       /tmp/dtests9118120876279144235/node1/data1/netstats_test/test_table-c0f7eda0877111ebbfc147ef604f6105/na-20-big-Data.db 62836/62836 bytes (100%) sent to idx:0/
       /tmp/dtests9118120876279144235/node1/data1/netstats_test/test_table-c0f7eda0877111ebbfc147ef604f6105/na-17-big-Data.db 68812/68812 bytes (100%) sent to idx:0/
      Read Repair Statistics:
      Attempted: 0
      Mismatch (Blocking): 0
      Mismatch (Background): 0
      Pool Name DEBUG [node1_NettyStreaming-Outbound-/] node1 2021-03-17 22:41:21,058 CassandraCompressedStreamWriter.java:64 - [Stream #e3d93810-8771-11eb-a0f1-f756ef192fe7] Start streaming file /tmp/dtests9118120876279144235/node1/data1/netstats_test/test_table-c0f7eda0877111ebbfc147ef604f6105/na-8-big-Data.db to /, repairedAt = 0, totalSize = 67504
       Active PendingDEBUG [Stream-Deserializer-/] node2 2021-03-17 22:41:21,058 StreamReceiveTask.java:88 - received 2 of 14 total files, 131648 of total bytes 68812
       Completed Dropped
      Large messages n/a 0 0 0
      Small messages n/a 0 1 0
      DEBUG [node1_NettyStreaming-Outbound-/] node1 2021-03-17 22:41:21,058 CassandraCompressedStreamWriter.java:81 - [Stream #e3d93810-8771-11eb-a0f1-f756ef192fe7] Writing section 0 with length 67504 to stream.
      Gossip messages n/a 0 54 0
      INFO [pool-2-thread-2] <main> 2021-03-17 22:41:21,567 / Mode: NORMAL

      The line Pool Name  Active Pending  Completed Dropped is split into three parts due to DEBUG logs interleaving and the filter doesn't remove Completed Dropped which is added to the results here which leads to the following  exception

      CC Yifan Cai as he was working on CASSANDRA-16057

      and Stefan Miklosovic as the original author of these tests, if you guys know something I am missing here




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