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Joining nodes simultaneously with auto_bootstrap:false can cause token collision

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      While raising a 6-node ccm cluster to test 4.0-beta4, 2 nodes chosen the same tokens using the default allocate_tokens_for_local_rf. However they both succeeded bootstrap with colliding tokens.

      We were familiar with this issue from CASSANDRA-13701 and CASSANDRA-16079, and the workaround to fix this is to avoid parallel bootstrap when using allocate_tokens_for_local_rf.

      However, since this is the default behavior, we should try to detect and prevent this situation when possible, since it can break users relying on parallel bootstrap behavior.

      I think we could prevent this as following:
      1. announce intent to bootstrap via gossip (ie. add node on gossip without token information)
      2. wait for gossip to settle for a longer period (ie. ring delay)
      3. allocate tokens (if multiple bootstrap attempts are detected, tie break via node-id)
      4. broadcast tokens and move on with bootstrap


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